A Smart Cabinet identifies its content in realtime by using built-in RFID sensors and a connection to the IT system. This way you can track in detail what exactly happens to each item and on which shelffloor it is located right now.

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Location tracking of laboratory chemicals

Equipping Your lab with a with a smart RFID cabinet enables you to move and handle chemicals freely and securely as they never get lost or misplaced since the cabinet reports their location into your LIMS.

Track and control the usage of hospital inventory

Using a smart cabinet in a hospital, it tells you and the IT system who took what (portable assets like devices, keys, etc.) and when.
Make the smart RFID cabinet the place in your organization which never misses to communicate who has a portable asset.

Smarter Supply of auxiliary materials in Pharma Production

In a production plant a smart shelf can trigger restocking of auxiliary materials for you.
Limit your capital invest by reducing inefficient high stocks, waste because of product expiration and space for storage.

How it works?

It is similar to barcode but the system does not “read” the info on the label visually with a laser light but an antenna reads the label using radiofrequency. To make an RFID cabinet work, each inventory item gets an RFID Tag (additionally or instead of a barcode label). When a tagged item is placed into the cabinet, the built-in antennas scan the items’ ID and report it to your IT system. See an animation here

What can be tracked?

  • Bottles
  • Viles
  • Bags
  • Petri dishes
  • Surgery equipment
  • Tools and format parts
  • Equipment trolleys
  • Keys
  • Tablets
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  • Viles
  • Bottles
  • Petri dishes
  • Shipping packages
  • Documents
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At Live science RFID we have the R&D mindset and like to work closely to your needs and develop the technology around it. Let us challenge what’s possible using your suggestions and our implementation skills in software and RFID.

No, we use 13.56 MHz frequency at a maximum of 5 Watts which is as safe as mobile phone. CE certification possible.

The system has a reliability of above 99,9% of reading a full shelf correctly during one “self scann” when used with compatible tags and inventory. Our integrator will provide all.

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