We believe in RFID technology as an effective answer to regulatory demands in inventory use and handling. We help IT systems know how (RFID tagged) inventory is used in the physical world by placing RFID antennas where the action takes place.

Shedule a Livedemo

We solve ALCOA and Data Integrity demands in inventory handling

Let the system attribute every action in detail with place, time, used inventory and even more parameters
No freestyle or sticky notes to bridge the time till you have access to the IT system. The IT system sees itself.
No forgetting possible as the system documents real-time.
See which exact item was used and where it came from, not just the generic type.
The sensors work reliably, raising the doc standard to a level which is only possible by automation.

Ensuring employees wear the correct safety- and clean room gear

Life science facilities with many different working environments (clean room classes, EX, glass break dangers, etc.) face high efforts in controlling wether employees enter a room with sufficient equipment or if they enter it with a without a mask, terminal or any other equipment “this one time”.

An RFID system in the changing room could even ensure the usage of clean room underwear without a camera.

Asset Magican: A lightweight standalone solution for documented evidence in status of surgery equipment


User: Process owner at hospital
Benefits: Increased patient safety and easy IT management of manual processes not covered in your main system

How it works?

  1. Equipment like surgery glasses are cleaned in sterilization. The clue: The glasses feature sterilization suitable RFID tag on which the data of last sterilization data and the number sterilization cycles is stored (no database needed)
  2. At the point of use, inventory is validated for safe use knowing the item in front was sterilized, is in lifecylce and calibrated/maintained


At Live science RFID we have the R&D mindset and like to work closely to your needs and develop the technology around it. Let us challenge what’s possible using your suggestions and our implementation skills in software and RFID.

No, we use 13.56 MHz frequency at a maximum of 5 Watts which is as safe as mobile phone. CE certification possible.

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