• Track reality

    "RFID documents what was used in the physical world."

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  • Know without asking

    Manage laboratory assets with modern technologies

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Smart Inventory with new features of RFID technology


  • GxP compliance made easy
  • Interacting with computer system without logging in
  • Inventory highly available and ready for sharing


  • Detailed control of inventory usage, location and status
  • Control of actually-used inventory
  • Real-time tracking & automatic reporting


  • Accurate data documentation
  • Automatic documentation, can not be forgotten
  • Elimination of human error in documentation

Company Profile

We are the RFID Business Integrator for the Life Science Industry. With own development capabilities in Soft- and Hardware, we welcome also new use cases and do RFID feasibility evaluations.

Our solution for automatic documentation of lab operation is showcased across Germany from July 2020 on. We are happy to get to show you the possibilities of RFID.

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